Friday, July 1, 2011

Twitter & Google's Instant Indexing

The world of digital marketing moves incredibly fast, with a constant flow of new tools and opportunities for businesses. It was only 5 years ago that Twitter was launched and for many businesses, let alone individuals, the value of creating a Twitter account is unclear. So here is why we think Twitter has become a useful business tool …

Using Twitter and Blogger to instantly list your website content in Google

Twitter is a 'micro blogging' website for publishing very short 'diary statements' that the public can search, see, subscribe to and republish (called 'retweeting'). In April 2011, Twitter reached 175 milion users, up from 15 million users in 2010 but still a small proportion of the 750 million active Facebook users in July 2011.

The recent updates to Google's 'real-time indexing' technology has made Twitter a powerful social media marketing tool. 'Tweets' can be instantly updated in Google search results, enabling businesses to communicate using highly time sensitive traffic to drive targeted traffic their site. Many large businesses monitor public opinion on a continual basis and if they discover negative feedback, respond swiftly using Twitter. Tweets are limited in their scope of content (given the 140 character limit per 'tweet'), so another effective route into realtime Google is Blogger. Although Blogger take slightly longer to 'show' in Google, Google's ownership of Blogger appears to contribute to 'accelerated' indexing of content (sometimes as quickly as 15 seconds!).

As always, content is still king and must be focused, concise & interesting to have impact - but as a content delivery tool, Blogger is incredibly efficient at pushing content into Google rapidly. E-creation itself uses Blogger as its CMS tool for the news section of our website - with over 70% of our website traffic coming from the news section.