Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 2009 - E-creation launches SneakerSeeker.co.uk Future Culture

E-creation launches Future Culture's "Sneaker Seeker" website - a publishing & comments website for trainer culture in the UK.

The Sneaker Seeker concept realised in November 2008, and thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding, the dream project started in March 2009. The Sneaker Seeker project led by a group of ten young people, examined sneaker culture through a series of workshops and events and involved over one hundred young people in the workshops. The Sneaker Seeker project was a collaboration between Slough Young People’s Centre and Slough Museum and the project was delivered by Future Culture Ltd.

Young people learnt about traditional and modern sneaker customisation techniques and customised their very own free pair of Nike sneakers! Young people also took part in Photography, Photoshop, Podcasting, Breakdancing, Graffitti and Film workshops – all of which contributed to a touring exhibition viewed by nearly four hundred people.

The website is an online archive of the work which was created for the Sneaker Seeker exhibition including films, photographs and audio and it provides anyone who is passionate about sneaker culture an opportunity to upload their own photographs and imagery which reflect sneaker lifestyle.

The MD of Future Culture described E-creation as "creative, knowledgeable and efficient - we have been stunned at how quickly you were able to deliver a high quality website... and all within our limited budget."

Jan-Erik Paul of E-creation further commented that "this is a great example of how a high quality website can be created with a small budget and limited time frames. The team at E-creation completed the project in under 6 working days from initial design concepts through to the final, working website as hosted by E-creation."

Sneaker Seeker can be found at: www.sneakerseeker.co.uk