Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 2008 - ‘Global’ animation development for SolStonePlus launched

Bournemouth, England - 1st of December, 2008

E-creation has delivered a unique ‘website refresh’ for international business intelligence firm, SolStonePlus, in the form of a series of ‘global’ animations that can be edited by the client via Microsoft Word. E-creation created the Flash animations to refresh the visual look and feel of the existing website without the need for a complete redesign.

Traditionally, Flash animations are ‘built once’ and require a digital agency to update or change content within the animation at later stages. For SolStonePlus, E-creation created a series of animations that not only look stunning but by linking content in the animation with text files, have made it possible for SolStonePlus to easily update content simply through Microsoft Word.

"E-creation’s approach has been a cost effective way for SolStonePlus to revamp the look of their website without performing a complete redesign - saving both time and money. Given the current economic climate, businesses need to continue to be proactive with their marketing, whilst being as cost effective as possible" says E-creation’s MD, Jan Paul.

Leon Torka, E-creation’s head designer adds, "the animations were created using a combination of 3D animations and film effects created by Adobe ‘After Effects’ as used by the Hollywood special effects industry. This made it possible to bring a big screen feel to animations that are relatively small compared to the overall page size - enabling the client to perform well in search engine ranking without compromising the visual impact of their website."

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