Thursday, January 12, 2006

City and Guilds

We have been asked by City and Guilds to develop a Flash based training tool for the rollout of their new Intranet site. The application will provide interactive multimedia training for users on the functionality of the site and is being built in such a way that individual learning chapters can be taken out of the CD-ROM and used as help files in the relevent areas of the website.

This month we started work on the administration system for as part of a substantial re-design and re-development of the site. The site is being overhauled from the ground up to provide more robust and efficient code, a substantially more effective database and improved performance within search engines, as part of a strategy to make BritishJobs one of the top three recruitment / job portals.

January's 'Digital fact'

Updateable multimedia CD-ROMs - its an area that clients seem to rarely know about, so we thought we'd provide a quick overview. Historically, CD-ROMs have had 'static' content - what you burn onto them is what the user ends up seeing. However, it is possible to update information on CD-ROMs using user's internet connection by checking to see if more recent information is available.

The possibilities are endless - updates to prices, stock levels, images relating to products, technical worksheets, support documents, videos, news items - all can be updated on CD-ROMs.