Friday, May 12, 2006

What is the Marketing Wheel?

E-creation created the ‘marketing wheel’ to provide businesses with an analysis tool that shows visually how treating IT, marketing and operations as a unified unit will allow a business to perform better overall.

In today’s highly brand conscious business environment, companies sell an overall experience, a ‘value’, and if an overall infrastructure does not support that ‘value’, then your business will be considered a liar or ‘sell-out’.

In our experience, businesses in early stages of growth or in ‘fire-fighting’ mode, can operate and survive using a ‘fragmented’ marketing approach, but as that business begins to build momentum or moves back into ‘normal’ operating mode, underlying problems manifest themselves.

Spokes of the wheel:

1. SWOT analyse
2. Business strategy
3. IT strategy
4. SEO & link strategy
5. E-mail marketing
6. Website
8. Presentations
9. Video
10. Brochure
11. Sales letters
12. PR