Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April's 'Digital fact'

Using interactivity to generate more business - its well know that when a user interacts with a produce, he/she remembers far more than if he/she simply see or hears something. So how can businesses use interactivity to make their brands more memorable & their marketing more effective?

Embeded elements of animation & interactivity in the form of Flash 'teasers' and 'experimenters' have been used by the BBC website for many years to increase 'site stickiness' - and businesses can do the sameincreasing customer interst in your bussines.

'Teasers' and 'experimenters' lend themselves well to sections of content such as 'awards and achievements', 'maps', 'before and after shots'. Careful choice of color, 'flashiness', audio, animation & interactivity is essential as these elemants can be just as succesful at driving users away. Some basic market research into your audience will quickly identify what level & tone of animation is required in order to create a positive & memorable experience of site visitors.