Sunday, February 12, 2006

March's 'Digital fact'

Easily updatable websites - with content playing such an important part in how opinions are formed, it is essential to ensure that your websites are designed & built on a 'component' basis. This means that visual assets, menus & text can be used in a variety of ways making the creation of addition pages easier & therefore more cost effective.

For example, the newsletter menu that you clicked on to access this article, is a very short HTML file that is 'pulled' into many pages automatically by code. This means that as we add new newsletters & online marketing elements, we can update one small file, which then propogates itself across many pages of the site - its quick, easy and effect - taking just a little bit of pre-thought when building the site.

Most designers incorporate content management systems into websites allowing clients to update content without technical expertise or to create a better environment for site maintenance & content updates. But 'pulled' pages do not require the same level of coding, time or cost.